A Group of Professors and Doctors at Kerbala University Publishing a Book and be Considered a Scientific Source

A number of professors and doctors of the Faculty of Medicine at Kerbala University, in addition to the participation of a number of doctors from the health departments of Kerbala, Muthanna and Baghdad, have published a special book on child health entitled”MCQ in Pediatrics Part 4″.
The book is a reference for students of the Arab and Iraqi Board in the field of pediatrics and the subspecialties emanating from it, and students of the Board of Family and Community Medicine branch, as well as students of advanced stages of medical colleges.
The book contains 2060 multiple choice questions and consists of 800 pages and includes a comprehensive review of the important scientific and examination material.
The book has been issued by both Dr. Zuhair Mahdi Al-Mousawi and Dr. Osama Ahmed Hadi. Dr. Khaled Khalil Al-Araji, Dr. Haider Abdel-Amir, Dr. Hassanein Ghali, Dr. Ahmed Tawfiq Abbas, Dr. Aqil Mahdi Hussein, Dr. Qahtan Muhammad Ali Al-Obaidi, Dr. Haider Mahdi Al-Mousawi, Dr. Maryam Zuhair Al-Mousawi, and Dr. Mustafa Shihab Al-Ghanbaki.