A Lecturer from Kerbala University Delivering Lectures in International Courses

Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Ridha Al-Kaabi, who is a lecturer at Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences/ University of Kerbala, has delivered several international lectures within international training courses held by Student Activities Department, University of Kerbala, with participation of professors from the Arab Republic of Egypt, Alexandria University, Faculty of Physical Education for Girls, in cooperation with Egyptian Sports Federation, Alexandria.
Al-Kaabi says that he has given lectures in two successive sessions, the first lecture is entitled (The Foresight of Strategic Planning for Employees in the Student Activities Department), while the second one is entitled (The Importance of Proactive Intelligence and Proactive Thinking among Workers in the Student Activities Department) and the third lecture entitled (Emotional Creativity among students ) as well as a fourth on ( The Organizational and Proactive Foundations in Management of Students’ Activities Departments ).
He also points out that these lectures aim at developing the reality of students’ activities at our university. He expresses his thank for continuous support.