A lecturer from the University of Kerbala Publishing a Joint Scientific research in an International Journal

A research team consists of Lect. Dr. Mushtaq Sadiq Radhi Faculty of Engineering at Kerbala University, Dr. Maan Salman University of Technology and Dr. Iqbal N.Gorgis Catholic University in Erbil has published a paper in the (Journal of Building Engineering). The publisher of this journal is Elsevier and it is classified within Scopus containers.
The study aims at rehabilitation of damaged RC members using carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a viable and cost-effective method
This study evaluates the effectiveness of CFRP wrapping of corroded circular RC columns. Four sets of scaled columns were fabricated and subjected to different levels of accelerated corrosion to simulate no, mild, moderate, and severe corrosion. A total of 14 CFRP-confined columns and 10 unconfined columns were axially tested. The load–strain capacity, stress–strain relationship, and failure modes have been analyzed.
The results show that CFRP wrapping of corroded columns improved their stiffness properties as well as the ductility and deformation behaviour at their ultimate capacities.