University of Kerbala Holding a Scientific Symposium on the Crime of Cyber Extortion

Faculty of Law / University of Kerbala has held a scientific symposium entitled “cyber extortion” with the participation of a number of specialists and researchers.
It deals with the criminal aspect of the crime of cyber extortion in relation to Articles 430 and 431 of the Iraqi Penal Code and the concept of the crime of extortion and how it occurs. It is pointed out that this phenomenon represents an immoral phenomenon that emerged in society due to the absence of moral values.
The symposium stresses the need for simple knowledge of the electronic aspect and the importance of adopting a secret code to preserve the information. It is also recommended not to use personal information such as mobile number, personal photos, birthday dates and official addresses as information on social media, and the need to expedite the activation of the Information Crimes Law due to the seriousness of these crimes, activating moral values ​​in society and taking a prominent role in community leadership.