A Lecturer from University of Kerbala Participates in an International Exhibition of Patents and Innovations in Sulaymaniyah

Dr. Ali Hassan Nima, who is a lecturer at Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences /University of Kerbala, and the student , Ibrahim Fakhri Nayef, have participated in the 10th International Conference and Exhibition for Patents and Innovations which is organized by French International Center for Scientists and Inventors, Iraq branch, with International Friendship Organization, which is held at University of Halabja in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, in cooperation with University of Samarra, Faculties of Education and Engineering and College of Al-Qaeda Ma’arif University. Dr. Ali Hassan says that the conference held under the slogan of invention and innovation, ladder of glory of homeland, and with participation of a number of Iraqi and international universities, explaining that our participation is with the patent of the device (boxing smart ground) for our research team, which includes Dr. Ali Hassan Nema and games coach, Ibrahim Fakhri Nayef. They have obtained Medal of Creativity, a certificate of participation, and a letter of appreciation, and with the wide participation of scientists and innovators, 130 patents in all medical and engineering specialties, all pure sciences, agriculture, and physical education
He also points out that the device helps to learn movement of feet of the boxer. It works by tracking the steps through the presence of light stimuli in red and green colors. It is very important for beginner players in adjusting the movement path of the feet, as it works with a system of steps, a jump system, and times that can be set according to the level of performance of the boxer.