University of Kerbala Holding a Scientific Symposium entitled “Preventive Action of Addiction Risks and Drug Abuse”

Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences /University of Kerbala has organized a symposium which is entitled (Preventive Action against Risks of Addiction and Drug Abuse for Families) with participation of a group of professors and researchers.
The symposium aims at identifying drug problem and the importance of safety from it and its bad impact on society.
The symposium shows that drug problem threatens social, economic and political stability of countries, wastes public health, destroys individuals, families and communities, and increases crime rates, violence and corruption.
It also focuses on problem of narcotics and psychotropic substances, which in past concerned only a limited number of countries that suffered from them. In today’s world, this problem threatens all human beings and the entire international community with its harms and dangers. More efforts must be made by states, civil society, organizations and agencies concerned to address the problem of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances on public health and the rapid increase in crime rates, violence and corruption.
Vice president for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Najm Abdel-Hussein Najm; General Jabbar Fadl Sukkar, and Colonel Eng. Ihsan Youssef Jalil, civil servant Abbas Fadel Abdel-Rahman have attended the symposium.