A Lecturer from University of Kerbala Publishes a Research in an International Journal

A lecturer from Faculty of Science / University of Kerbala, Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Yasari, publishes a research in “Surfaces and Coatings Technology” which is registered in Clarivate (Elsevier) Q1 containers.
The study, which is entitled ” Characterization of the electrochemical deposition of aluminum from an AlCl3:N-methylacetamide eutectic solvent modified with nicotinamide”, aims at using cheap, non-hazardous liquids and improving properties of aluminum paint in painting metal structures of cars, airplanes, and other metal parts to protect them from corrosion and give them a shiny appearance.
The study concludes that the cost of using electrical current during coating process of these ionic liquids is very small. This is due to the small amount of hydrogen liberated on cathode surface compared to paint from aqueous solutions, and the prepared solution is very cheap compared to traditional liquids.
“Surface and Coatings Technology” is one of journals which is classified within in Clarivate (Elsevier) Q1 containers.