A Research Team from the University of Kerbala Manufacturing and Implementing a Robot

A research team from the Faculty of Engineering at Kerbala University is able to design and manufacture the prototype robot type (MSMR), within the framework of supporting health institutions to confront the Corona pandemic.

     The dean of the Faculty, Dr. Laith Al-Qarawi, says that the goal of the robot industry is to reduce contact between those infected with the emerging coronavirus and medical, health and service personnel, and to provide better services to patients, bypassing these difficult conditions and protecting medical and health cadres from transmission.

     The research team shows that the mechanism of the robot depends on remote control by directing it to the desired location by giving orders and directions by the person controlling it.

      The team adds that the experimental version of the robot has been designed and will be used to provide food, medicine, water and the transportation of needs and all that must be taken to and from patients in the hospital or persons suspected of being present in quarantine places.

 The team points out that the robot is equipped with an advanced camera to transmit the image and sound to the person in control so that it can monitor patients, and the camera is moved to all directions to expand the range of vision by downloading the program assigned to it on a computer or mobile phone.  An additional battery dedicated to powering the camera is installed separately from the robot’s cart battery to increase the working time before recharging.