A Researcher from Kerbala University Discovers Fungal Strains that Cause Various Skin Diseases

A researcher from Kerbala University, Dr. Ali Al- Janabi, was able to discover seven fungal strains that cause several diseases. His discovery was registered in the database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
Dr. Ali Al-Janabi stated that this discovery will aid in innovating a new technique in diagnosing diseases depending on the genetic components. Furthermore, Dr. Al-Janabi added that the NCBI will provide a general idea about the main causes for the existence of various diseases in Iraq. He also aims at building a database of the various fungi that exist in Iraq.
The researcher also emphasized that the discovered fungi strains cause several skin diseases including the ringworm disease (dermatophytosis), and such infections can be dangerous to the overall health of the human being. The ringworm disease is a dangerous ailment that causes red to brown colored rings that can occur anywhere on the skin of the patient. This disease is caused by a special type of fungi that consumes the keratin in the skin and for that reason it mainly exists on the outer layer of the skin.