Kerbala University Organizes a Symposium on Hemorrhagic Fever and its Prevention

The veterinary college in Kerbala University organized a symposium that discussed the reasons for the occurrence of the hemorrhagic fever as well as its dissemination, symptoms, and prevention. The event was conducted with the help of the Veterinary Medical Association and Kerbala’s Veterinary Hospital.
The dean of the college, Dr. Wifaq AL-Bazi, stated that the symposium aimed at exploring the reasons of hemorrhagic fever, ways of spreading, and the diverse methods of prevention. The dean also mentioned that the symposium discussed two aspects of the hemorrhagic fever, general information about the fever as well as the reliable methods that can be used to prevent the occurrence of the fever as well as to hinder its spread.
The symposium organisers concluded that there is a need to make a joint organization between all the institutes that are directly related to this issue to work together in preventing this disease from spreading. Moreover, there is a need to stop random slaughtering and to make sure that the official slaughterhouses are well supervised by the specialised authorities. Furthermore, the participants emphasized the importance of organising media campaigns to educate the public about the disease.