A Teacher from Kerbala University Issues a new book on mental processes and information processing

Dr. Wissam Salah Abdul-Hussein, the instructor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Kerbala University, with the participation of professors from Diyala University and Basra University, has issued a new book entitled “Mental Operations and Information Processing”. The book includes 10 chapters that include information processing, memory, sensation and perception, their role in mental processes and attention, and its importance in information processing, mental abilities, cognitive stimuli, mental perception, mental training, thinking and creativity, the path to innovation, as well as the speed of the motor response and its components.
The book emphasizes the need to identify the nature of the processes that occur inside the human brain and what treatments are subjected to stimuli from the moment of emergence to the occurrence of the response in addition to how each process can be perfected in an ideal way and then move to the other process so that there are a set of processes that lead to perfect response occurs.