A Teacher from Kerbala University Participates in the Digital Media Education Forum

Dr. Haider Shalal Mutab, a teacher at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University of Kerbala participates in the first Iraqi scientific forum for digital media education, which has been held by the Iraqi Public Relations Association (IBRA), which is entitled (Digital Media Education as a Societal Necessity), with the participation of a number of government universities and private faculties and civil society organizations, and he obtaines a certificate of participation from the Supreme Council of Academic Societies / Iraqi Public Relations Association (IBRA) for his active contribution in presenting a research paper on the importance of digital media education in light of the new media,
He points that the importance and need for digital media education is a must in light of technological development , the new media reality and the increasing crises and calamities, added to that it is necessary to spread the culture of dialogue in society so that the learner becomes positive, participates and interacts with a media awareness without resorting to tensions and conflicts, and the most prominent recommendations that comes out is the necessity of introducing digital media education within the educational curricula, as it is necessary for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Education to add this material within the curricula and link it to the curricula that support individual behaviors and national belonging.