A Teacher from the University of Kerbala Publishing a Cooperative Research with Russian Universities on the Preparation of Organic Compounds from Derivatives of Addiction

The lecturer at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kerbala, Dr. Rahman Tohma, and in cooperation with Prof. Botev from Volka Krad Russian and the Russian Technological University have published a scientific paper entitled
(Reactions of Isocyanatoadamantanes with 3,6-Diazahomoadamantan-9-ylidene-substituted Hydrazines and Oximes)
The study has been published in the Russian Organic Chemistry Journal and Springer Publishing is an American publishing company
(Springer), which is registered in Scopes containers, which are exported from America
A member of the team, Dr. Rahman Tohma, from the Faculty of Science at the University of Kerbala, says that the research aims to create organic compounds for addictane derivatives, which are adamantane, that can be used in the field of veterinary medicine , science, and agricultural sciences explaining that the preparation of the effect of viral and bactericidal. It is used by disinfection or sterilization using 0.1-5% of aqueous solutions to prepare by spraying.
He also stresses that the prepared materials do not have a toxic effect on animals and birds. It can be made from simple and inexpensive raw materials and retains its antiseptic properties in an aqueous solution for 120 days, as well as preparation for disinfection of equipment, tools, devices, etc. from disease-causing viruses.
Tohma adds, there are several uses for these derivatives that can be used in sterilizing operating theaters in hospitals, and also they can be used in places where there are population centers, such as visits of millions in Iraq. The fact that poultry keepers use a primitive method that has no scientific basis, which is the use of formalin in the process of sterilization or disinfection in the fields of poultry farmers
He indicates that studies have shown that formalin has been classified as one of the substances that can cause cancer, as it causes irritation of the mucous membranes, irritation of the eyes, and conjunctivitis, and causes difficulty breathing and headache in addition to pain in the throat. Tohma focuses on the use of derivatives of organic compounds as an alternative to the dangerous formalin, investing them in the Ministry of Agriculture through poultry fields in addition to the Ministry of Health as disinfectants and preserving livestock as an important tributary to support the Iraqi economy, through the use of these organic compounds in sterilization.