A Workshop at Kerbala University entitled “Model-based Thinking in the Digital Age”

Within the series of weekly seminars have held by the Faculty of Pharmacy in educational guidance and psychological guidance and to complement the previous lectures in this regard, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Kerbala University has held a workshop entitled “Thinking based on the model in the digital age” and with the participation of a number of specialists.
The course aims to increasing awareness and positive thinking to make the best behavior for our students in the educational process. The workshop deals with the most important conditions for thinking about what is thinking, which is the need for a moral or sensory model in order for the individual to work and behave in a proper systematic way, citing the lecturer that diagnosing and demonstrating mental models needs to be phenomenological (phenomenological) as the philosophical basis for all research and this in turn needs deep dialogue with anyone who wants to show his mental model.
The lecturers also cite realistic examples and great wisdom by saying Imam Ali (peace be upon him) summarizing the idea of mental models.