A Workshop Organized by the University of Kerbala on the Harm of Drug Interactions

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kerbala has held an electronic workshop entitled ((harm to drug interactions and problems with chronic administration of medicines)) on the Zoom platform.
The workshop aims at identifying drug interactions, so as to know the problems of drug interaction, the size of the problems caused by the interference, and to know the types of interactions and a brief explanation about each type of interaction.
The workshop indicates that there are many medications that may interfere with the work of each other, this is in addition to the interactions that occur with some drinks and foods, however this matter should not cause concern, as many of these interactions will not be dangerous if the dates of their ingestion are spaced out, its types that the effect of the drug on the patient may be different from the assumed or expected effect, because that drug interferes with another drug that the patient uses (drug-drug interaction) Food, drinks, or nutritional supplements that the patient takes (drug-food interference) another disease that suffers from him the patient (drug interaction with the disease). As well as the effects of drug interactions are usually undesirable, and sometimes harmful. Interventions may lead to an increase or decrease in the effects of one or more drugs, which leads to the appearance of side effects or the failure of treatment.
The workshop emphasizes on avoiding drug interaction and following health guidelines and informing the doctor or pharmacist about prescribed medications, or those he takes without a prescription, as well as about any nutritional supplements, or herbal products he takes, telling the doctor or pharmacist of any other medical condition the patient suffers from, Such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers, glaucoma, or an enlarged prostate where these patients are more likely to experience drug interaction, knowing how to use the medicine, how to take it, what foods or drinks should be avoided when taking this medicine, and how safe it is to take This medicine, along with another medication that the patient takes.
It also discusses the possibilities of drug interaction between them, what are the signs of this interaction if they happen, and what is the procedure followed in the event of drug interaction, commitment to take the drug according to the doctor’s instructions, read the information and instructions included with the drug as it contains important information about possible drug interactions.