An M.A. Thesis at Kerbala University Discussing the Effect of Internal Processing on the Structural Properties of high-performance concrete slabs

The Faculty of Engineering at Kerbala University has discussed an M.A. thesis, entitled “the effect of internal processing on the structural properties of high-performance concrete panels” via the electronic application.
The thesis, submitted by the student Abdel-Rasoul Thamer Abdel-Rasoul, aims at knowing the structural properties of concrete and using homemade materials in concrete construction and knowing its performance.
The thesis includes a study of the effect of using local materials as internal treatment agents on the structural behaviour of high performance concrete slabs to achieve the internal treatment process.
The researcher uses two types of high porosity materials (atapulgate and ceramic) in high performance concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate so as to study the effect of using internal processing materials on the structural behaviour of concrete sheets, fifteen samples of concrete panels were tested with dimensions (1050 x 1050 x 70 mm), by two proportions of replacement (10 and 20%) and three different ages of the test (60, 120 and 180 days) ).
The results shows that the use of ceramics and atapulgate as internal treatment materials is useful in improving the properties of concrete, especially concrete slabs containing the atapolgate that showed higher behavior than other tiles. In addition to that, the late ages of concrete show a marked improvement in structural behavior, especially for concrete slabs containing 20% ​​of the replacement rate.