College of Dentistry and the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kerbala Announcing opening their new clinics and Educational Halls

In the presence of the Governor of Kerbala, Eng. Nassif Jassim Al-Khattabi, and the Assistant Governor for Reconstruction Affairs, Eng. Muhammad Erian, the new clinics and educational halls have been opened in the College of Dentistry and Pharmacy so as to enable the increase in the number of students and provide laboratories and private clinics for the educational purposes. 
  Al-Khattabi says that the University of Kerbala is the scientific edifice and the gateway of the scientific production, so it is among our priorities for our generations.
The President of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basem Khalil Al-Saedi, expresses his thanks for the efforts and continuous support to the University in all fields, stating that the University continues to provide the best for the students. To bridge the gaps, The University has accomplished a number of cooperation and coordination with different service departments in the governorate to improve the status of the university.