Dean of Faculty of Dentistry /University of Kerbala Chairs Meeting of Deans and Heads of Departments of faculties of Dentistry in Karbala

Dean of the faculty of Dentistry/ University of Kerbala, Asst Prof. Dr. Muhannad Salah Abd al-Sattar, chairs the meeting of deans and heads of departments of faculties of dentistry in Karbala, which is held at Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Ameed University, in presence of deans and heads of departments of the faculties of dentistry in Karbala. The most important axes are discussing the subject of comprehensive orthodontic examination and instructions issued in this regard by supervision and evaluation apparatus, under direction of Committee of Deans of Dental Faculties, and the proposal for a comprehensive practical exam for the fifth stage with participation of teachers of private and government colleges, as well as preparing for a unified conference for dental colleges in Karbala, and discussing topics of scientific exchange between colleges and scientific departments, and discussion of graduation research in a central committee of members between colleges.