Faculty of Science Discussing an M.A Thesis on Improving Efficiency of Thermal Imaging

Faculty of Science -University of Kerbala has discussed an M.A thesis on improving efficiency of thermal imaging by using different aperture shapes.
The study, presented by Fatima Rahim Khalaf, aims at improving efficiency of thermal imaging by using an optical filter and different shapes of lens apertures to make further improvements in distribution of intensity at image level of detector objects in Karbala Governorate.
The study, which is conducted on one of twenty cameras installed in western sector of Holy Karbala Governorate, includes examining possibility of improving efficiency of PT-602CZ HD thermal imaging camera in ground systems theoretically and improving efficiency of these devices in this important military region.
The thesis recommends the use of filters in thermal imaging, which lead to increased image clarity as well as visibility at night and in various weather conditions.