Karbala University Organizing a Course on Back Pain Relief with Swimming Exercises

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at Kerbala University has organized a special course on relieving chronic lower back pain and rehabilitating it using swimming and special swimming exercises. This course has been hold with the participation of college professors and employees.

     The course aims at introducing the importance of swimming to the human body in general, and to those with lower back pain in particular. It also explains the ways to perform during the swimming process in order to reduce back pain.

     The course deals with a detailed explanation on ways of reducing chronic lower back pain through swimming and some exercises for two to three weeks, with a program designed and gradually, according to the severity of the injury, in which the water feature is mentioned as a natural massager of the body, in addition to that the aqueous medium makes the body lose about a third weight and this  is very important for the injured because it reduces pressure on the spine and thus the possibility of swimming and exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and its flexibility

    The course shows that the causes of pain in the lower back and its chronic symptoms are detailed to which some are exposed, especially those who were over 35 years of age, including lack of exercise.