Medical Graduates of Kerbala University Participate in Courses held by American Medical organizations

More than 20 trainees, graduates of the (Integrative System) from Faculty of Medicine / University of Kerbala, have participated in a number of courses held by American medical organizations on various medical topics.
The training expert, Dr. Mahdi Rizvi, a specialist in Emergency & Disaster Management /Maryland Medical Center and Hopkins University in the United States, says that the participants have received training on advanced cardiac life support, basic life support and lifesaving, pediatric advanced life support, disaster management, crowd medicine, medical evacuation and stopping bleeding.
Dr. Mahdi Rizvi states that the training course has been carried out in cooperation with the American Heart Association (AHA), the (IMI) and Stop the bleed organization of the US Department of Defense.
He explains that the training course lasted for 3 days, 8 hours a day, preceded by several exams and intensive courses that qualified the participants.