Kerbala University Conducts a Seminar about the Role of Vitamins in Cancer Prevention

The Department of Pathology in the College of Applied Medical Sciences conducted a seminar about the role of vitamins in preventing cancer and strengthening the immune system.

The seminar included a presentation by Dr. Hassan Ali Al-Saadi who indicated the importance of consuming wholefood that is rich with antioxidants, low in fat, and high in fiber, for its significance in preventing cancer. The presentation included the influencing factors that lead to the occurrence of the disease and the diverse methods of prevention. A series of elaborative tests and their preliminary results were presented at the seminar, which were conducted by the researcher, to examine how certain types of food prevent the occurrence of cancer cells in the body.

The seminar presenters discussed diverse topics including the function of antioxidants in strengthening the immune system, reducing the side effects of cancer treatment, and hindering the spread of the disease.

The seminar participants concluded the event by emphasizing the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet to help reduce the danger of cancer.