Kerbala University Discussing a Course on the Use of GIS to choose the Locations of the Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers in Kerbala Cityfor the 40th visit of Imam Hussein

The University of Karbala is searching in a scientific discussion the use of GIS to choose the locations of the emergency centers for the fortieth visit

 The Faculty of Administration and Economics at Kerbala University has discussed an M.A. thesis entitled Using Geographic Information Systems GIS to choose the locations of emergency centers for the 40th visit of Imam Hussein in the city of Kerbala.

      The study presented by the student Ali Muhammad Obaid, aims at introducing the geographical information systems program (GIS) and its role in spatial analysis using a scientific method in accordance with  statistical methods and programmes in arranging and analyzing the raw data so as to obtain the criteria and weights through which the location of the proposed health emergency centers is determined. This has been relied on by several scientific and practical standards.

  The discussion shows that the Geographic Information Systems Programme (GIS) has a great potential in selecting optimal sites for health centers as well as preparing a strong geographic database, containing natural and human variables affecting health status, along with the great ability to diagnose defects according to statistical methods such as the neighbor’s context  Nearest, standard distance, building healthy databases, exchanging and analyzing information etc.

     The study ends up with the  recommendation  which focuses on the necessity of using the geographic information systems programme in determining emergency centers and the possibility of providing health services for visitors arriving to Kerbala governorate according to the available data and results.