Kerbala University Discussing an M.A. Thesis on Strategy for Human Resources Development and its Role in Building Smart Organization

The Faculty of Administration and Economics at Kerbala University has discussed an M.A. thesis entitled “strategy for human resource development and its role in building smart organization“.  It is an analytical research for a sample of opinions from a higher administration in colleges and private universities in the city of Kerbala. The study has been presented by the M.A. student Ahmed Saeed Saleh.

     The discussion deals with the fundamentals of organizations that participate in developing their own human resources and  the nature of the relationship between the strategy of developing human resources and the smart organization. It also shows the most important theoretical and practical aspects of these variables because they are considered one of the important topics for business organizations.

     The discussion explains that there is a real interest and desire for change, as workers with expertise who have a great role in transforming their colleges into smart organizations are hired through an appropriate strategy to develop the human resource.

 The discussion recommends that setting a set of appropriate criteria for engaging employees in training courses, providing them with knowledge, spreading the spirit of cooperation between them and urging them more to work together.