Kerbala University Holding a Course entitled “Treating for Pigmentation with Teeth Whitening”

With the participation of a number of teaching staff and students, The Faculty of Dentistry at Kerbala University has hold a course entitled (Treating Pigmentation with Teeth Whitening) .

      The course aims at introducing the cases that can be treated with teeth whitening, mentioning the pros and cons of this treatment and some important advice on the use of home whitening and types of toothpaste for whitening.

 The course includes clarifying the multiple causes of internal and external dental pigmentation, ways of treating these cases with appropriate cosmetic methods such as scales and ceramic crowns. It also shows  a detailed explanation of the treatment of yellowing of the teeth with whitening of all kinds with mentioning the materials used for this purpose.

 The course displays the method of work, instructions and tips for the patient to obtain the best results in the treatment of pigmentation in dental treatment.