Kerbala University Organizing a Ceremony Honoring the Retired Professors

Under the auspices of the President of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basem Khalil Nayel Al-Saeidy and the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hamida Idan Salman, the Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences has organized a ceremony to honor the retired professors and employees at the Faculty. The university’s assistant for administrative and scientific affairs also attends the ceremony and a number of heads of scientific departments and professors and  the Faculty staff.

      The university president, Prof. Dr. Basem Al-Saeidy, states  that today we farewell  our professors whom  have provided great services to society and the university as well. He expresses his gratitude to them for their scientific efforts describing that the scientific process does not stop at the retirement life, however; the bidding continues, and he also commends the efforts of those presenting them  and their service to the college, university and educational process.

       The President of Kerbala University emphasizes the interest in the educational outcomes of the university. He   stresses the interest in the educational outcomes of the university’s colleges, during his meeting with professors and teachers of the College of Education for Pure Sciences in the framework of his periodic field visits to the university’s colleges,

      The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Bassem Al-Saidi, says that educational institutions are working to serve the community in all fields and levels and in a way that serves the requirements of the current stage of the country and try to overcome difficulties.

        Al-Saeidy sheds light on the provision of everything that faculty and students need to sustain the university’s wheel from the scientific and urban sides, develop teaching methods by drawing on modern methods used in international universities and work to maintain and equip laboratories in order to provide an appropriate university environment for students to benefit from experiences in international universities

     Al-Saeedi deals with topics that would advance the educational process at the university and college, as well as the value system, in a way that reflects on the education system and enhances the positive aspects in educational institutions, and contributes to uplift the university into  advanced international classifications by relying on publishing in containers and scientific platforms.