Kerbala University Organizing a workshop entitled “Application of Procedural Methodologies “

With the participation of laboratory accreditation officials, laboratory officials and quality assurance staff in university faculties, the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance in the Presidency of Kerbala University  has organized a workshop entitled Application of procedural methodologies.  Dr. Mohamed Nima Al-Ghanmi, director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department at the University Presidency, says that the workshop aims at introducing participants with the way of applying procedural methods in educational laboratories with regard to controlling documents and records, workshops, corrective and documentary procedures and internal auditing.

      Al-Ghanimi adds that this workshop is a step towards the application of the topic of sharing information and experience in the matter of procedural methods, which is one of the most important indicators in the laboratory quality classification form and within the ministerial instructions for laboratory quality work.