Minister of Education Confirms permanent follow-up of citizens’ Affairs and Scientific Requirements in Formulation of Decisions

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhim Abdel Sahib, affirms his permanent follow-up, interaction and positive interaction with the requests of citizens and the adoption of legal frameworks that guarantee rights and take into account equality.
This came during his inspection visit to a number of the ministry’s departments, including the legal department and the private university education department, where he directs to empower citizens with the content of their requests and inquiries in accordance with the applicable and approved laws.
Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhim Abdel Sahib expresses his follow up of citizens’ affairs so as to provide capabilities that would facilitate procedures. He explains that the peculiarity of the ministry lies in the scientific viewpoint for formulating decisions, controlling and academic determinants that drawing up admission plans, formulating their programs and pointing out that Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research takes into account scientific and objective requirements.