University of Kerbala Participates in conference of the Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies

Strategic Studies Center / University of Kerbala has participated in conference held by the Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies which is entitled (historical development of education in Iraq and challenges of its consolidation after 2003) in conjunction with the International Day of Education, and it has been held under the slogan: (Education is the basis for building peace and achieving national security) with formal and informal participation.
The Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, Dr. Ahmed Kadhim Braes, says that the conference aims at identifying weaknesses and strengths in the education sector in Iraq, with the participation of researchers specialized in the field of education in Iraq.
The conference includes several axes, including: historical axis, the Malaysian experience in education, Japanese experience in education and the possibility of implementing its conditions in Iraq, and the challenges facing education in Iraq.
The conferees recommends inviting educational institutions to activate the research movement.