University of Kerbala Participates in Exhibition of scientific innovations at Ministry of Youth and Sports

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology / University of Kerbala has participated in the 4th scientific innovation exhibition, which has been held by Ministry of Youth and Sports – Department of Scientific Care in the halls of the National Center for Sports Talent at Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The participants in the graduation project for fourth-year students – Department of Computer Science (Baneen Basem) and (Duha Alaa) and under the supervision of Lect. Dr. Roaa Abdel Reda Al-Sabbah. The project is entitled (Car Accidents Detection Using GSM and Arduino).
The project deals with traffic accidents and it is considered one of the foremost topics and issues that deserve research and study.
The project helps this system to automatically detect the accident and alert the nearest rescue unit or hospital about the exact location of the accident through the use of Limit Switch sensors, so that the rescue team can track the location directly through the GPS unit after receiving the information and after confirming the location, the necessary actions will be taken to rescue the person as soon as possible.