The University of Kerbala Completes Its Own E-Learning Development Program

The University of Kerbala accomplished its own E-learning development program in accordance with the ministries’ program to provide extra teaching aids that depend on interactive learning and modern technologies.

The president of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid Saadi, stated that this program is intended to modernize the teaching methods used in the university and provide Moodle curriculum to students and teachers in order to ensure a leap in the teaching practices by including E-learning and electronic testing facilities.

The president of the university indicated that there is continuous work in Ibn Sina institute of E-learning to add the academic programs of the lecturers in the university. He also pointed out that the university is keen to develop and build modern systems as well as interactive teaching and learning solutions to benefit from modern technologies and improve educational outcomes in accordance with global frameworks and standards.