A Master Degree Dissertation on Hepatitis

A viva was held in the College of Medicine in the University of Kerbala about the genetic basis of hepatitis (B), manners of transmission, and its best treatment. The research discovered new viral isolates that were added to the World Bank of Genes. The study, which was conducted by Zahraa Majid Hameed, aimed at specifying the genotype and sub-genotype as well as their relationship in determining the transmission of the virus.  The study included 50 subjects (16 to 70 years old) that have hepatitis (B). The retrieved biological samples were analysed in the Laboratories of Kerbala University as well as Babylon University over a period of 1 year. The results of the phylogenetic tree analysis indicate the existence of four new isolates which are ZA1, ZC1, ZD1, and ZE1. These news isolates were registered in World Bank of Genes.