The University of Kerbala Holds a Symposium

The College of Engineering in the University of Kerbala held a symposium entitled ‘Developing the Petroleum Engineering Departments with the Aid of Society of Petroleum Engineers’. This event is intended to exchange knowledge and expertise between the College of Engineering and international organizations to achieve the advancements needed for the future of the college.
The head of the Petroleum Department in the College of Engineering, Dr. Haider Nadhem Aziz, stated that the symposium was held in tandem with the opening of Chapter Initiative in Kerbala University to develop the states of the petroleum engineering departments so that they can be assimilated in the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The Chapter Initiative in Kerbala University was opened by an invitation from Baghdad University. This initiative includes an excellent group of students and professors from the Petroleum Department in the College of Engineering.
Dr. Haider also stated that these developments were made possible by the continuous support of the presidency office and the dean of the College of Engineering in Kerbala University as well as the cooperation between the college and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil which provided the laboratories with the latest equipment and materials need to conduct scientific research.