The University of Kerbala Organizes a Scientific Exhibition

The College of Sciences in Kerbala University organized a scientific exhibition of students’ graduation research projects. The event was visited by various IT companies to inspect the projects and identify the ones that hold potential.

The president of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid Saadi, stated that 74 students participated in the exhibition and 39 projects were presented in the event. He emphasized that these projects are crucial because they use technology to find solutions for the needs of the society as well as its security and services sectors. Furthermore, he pointed out that some of these project will be adopted by the university for its immense contribution as well as there are projects that dealt with security, health, and community services which will be of interest for several sectors in the country.


The head of the College of Computer Science, Dr. Haidar Abdul-Amir Marhoon, stated that this year’s research graduation projects are unique in their advanced technology as well as applicability and ability to fulfill the needs of the market. He emphasized that the purpose of this event is to encourage the students to be creative and diligent in showing their competences in the field of IT. Moreover, he indicated that, as part of the National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq’s Dome project, several IT companies attended the event to adopt graduation projects that are practical and can be developed as well as to provide employment for students after their graduation.

Mr.Khalil Al-Tayar, a member of the National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq, stated his intent to support a number of graduates to benefit from their expertise. Additionally, he expressed his admiration for the scientific and technical capabilities of the students which reflect the quality of education they received in the college.