Two Instructors from University of Kerbala Obtain a Patent for Preparing Nanoparticles of beta-carotene from Biomass

Prof. Dr. Baqir Abdel-Zahra Jouda Al-Ardhi and Lect. Dr. Hussein Jawad Ahmed Al-Ankoushi, faculty of Science / University of Kerbala, have obtain a patent from Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control as part of a joint research team that include Prof. Dr. Alaa Khudair Hashim from Al-Qasim Green University and Chief Chemists Zeina Muhammad Abdel-Kadhim From Karbala Agriculture Directorate.

The patent aims at reducing drug doses and keep them from reaching the place where the drug is needed in human body.

The patent, which is entitled (Preparation of nanoparticles of beta-carotene from biomass in a way that is friendly to humans and environment), includes the manufacture of beta-carotene nanoparticles that are used in field of medicine, as manufactured nanoparticles are used as a drug carrier inside the body.

It is noteworthy that Prof. Dr. Baqer Abdel-Zahra Jouda Al-Ardhi has obtained four patents in field of Chemistry.