Two M.A. students from Kerbala University participate in an Electronic Conference of Al- Ain University for Scientific Research

The two M.A. students at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Kerbala, the student Muhannad Muhammad and the student Alaa Al-Rikabi participate in the international conference of Al-Ain University for electronic scientific research through their research which is cited in their M.A. theses.
The student Muhannad Muhammad participates in the research of his seminal thesis entitled ((the impact of the I.P.A.G.A model in contemplative thinking and learning the skill of overwhelming hitting the volleyball of students)), which was supervised by the two teaching staff at the Faculty, Prof. Haidar Salman and Assistant Prof. Dr. Rafid Al-Muhanna, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs.
The student Alaa Al-Rikabi participates in the conference through his research cited in his thesis for the M.A. entitled “the effect of an educational curriculum with a model to accelerate thinking in the arbitration performance of students with handball)).
This study is the first of its kind in the field of physical education in Iraq and the Arab world, and they have been chosen to be published in the Australian Journal of Advanced Science and Technology for Sports Sciences.