Two teachers from Kerbala Publishing their translated book with permission by Johns Hopkins University Press

Dr. Ali Abdel-Hassan Al-Fatlawi and Dr. Adel Abbas Al-Janabi, who are specialists in strategic management at the faculty of Administration and Economics, Kerbala University, have gotten a permission from the Johns Hopkins University Press of America to publish the book “Seizing Power: The Strategic Logic of Military Coups” which plays a vital role in strategic military.
It divides the Military Coups into three distinct points of origination: coups from top military offices, coups from the middle ranks, and mutinous coups from low-level soldiers. Noting the high correlation between the rank of the coup -makers and coup success and the link between the outcomes of coups across time, the author of the book posits that coup dynamics and success are governed by what are known in game theory as ‘coordination games’.