University of Kerbala Discussing A Thesis on Changes of output Structure in light of Development of Components of Aggregate Demand

Faculty of Administration and Economics / University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A thesis which is entitled “changes in structure of output in light of development of the components of aggregate demand – Iraq, a case study”.
The study presented by Maryam Hussein Nasser Al-Kindi, focuses on inability of Iraqi economy to address structural imbalances of gross domestic product through rentier economy dependent on oil revenues, as well as weak ability of components of aggregate demand to participate in achieving output growth, which affects growth.
The dissertation aims at studying and analyzing the impact of each of variables of aggregate demand on gross domestic product in Iraq, whether they are short-term or long-term effects, in addition to know dynamic effects and the long-term co-integration relationship between them using advanced standard analysis method Ardl.
The study concludes that there is a weakness in interdependence between economic sectors of rents of Iraqi economy on the one hand, and weakness of the impact of components of aggregate demand, except for private consumption spending, on revitalizing and diversifying economy on the other hand.
The study recommends a restructuring of Iraqi economy by adopting policy of economic diversification and moving components of aggregate demand such as government spending and government investment towards productive sectors to change structure of output in Iraq.