University of Kerbala Closing its Training Course on Development of Administrative and Legal Cadres

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / University of Kerbala has closed its training course which is entitled “Development of Administrative and Legal Cadres”, which is held under supervision of Prof. Dr. Wefaq Al-Bazi, Dean of the faculty and Division of Continuing Education. It is delivered by Dr. Murtaja Abdul-Jabbar Mustafa, Lect. Zaid Wafaq Shaker, Asst. Lect. Faris Saheb Imran, Dr. Ammar Hussein Jawad, Ms. Saja Salem Jawad, and Ms. Hajar Ahmed Fakhr El-Din.
The course aims at training administrative cadres on several administrative and legal axes that are part of the work of the university affiliate, which enables them to prepare successful and revised administrative documents, and to master work on Word Excel program, drafting and printing administrative documents, in addition to increase the information of the participants in the course about laws and related controls.
The training course concludes with a comprehensive exam for all the subjects that they have been discussed during the course as so to posess experienced cadres and advance the administrative reality.