University of Kerbala Discussing a Ph. D. Dissertation on Relationship between Environmental Pollution and Radiation

Faculty of Sciences- University of Kerbala has discussed the Ph. D. dissertation which is entitled “Study of Uranium, Radon and Trace Elements Concentration in Biological Samples of Cancer Patients”. It discusses the relationship between environmental pollution of radiation represented by some alpha emitters and chemical pollution with some toxic elements of blood and tissue samples of patients with five types of cancer, with the high rates of cancer in the years following Gulf War. It is prepared by the student Hawraa Muhammad Abbas.
The study aims at using laser radiation in early diagnosis of cancer, as well as the link between radioactive contamination with alpha emitters and chemistry with trace elements of five types of cancer and of two types of human samples, namely tissue and blood in Karbala governorate, which has witnessed a rise in rates after Gulf War and industrial progress in recent years.
The study concludes possibility of using laser radiation in early detection of cancer, and high rates of radioactive contamination in samples of cancer patients compared to healthy people, and high levels of toxic pollution such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium in cancer patients at internationally permissible limits, and the effect of cancer with the patient’s gender, age, place of residence, smoking, and type of cancer where it is higher in kidney cancer patients of both sexes.