University of Kerbala Discussing a PH.D. Dissertation on the Interactive Role of Socialization

Faculty of Administration and Economics / University of Kerbala has discussed the interactive role of proactive socialization according to relationship between positivity in the workplace and workers’ readiness for organizational change – an exploratory study in General Authority of Tourism / Iraq “. It is presented by Samia Hani Ajeel
The research aims at shedding light on the interactive role of proactive socialization as an important way to help new employees to adapt and communicate easily with the authority in order to perform its organizational role and possess the knowledge and information necessary to perform this role.
The study concludes that positivity in workplace contributed directly to providing a new concept of how employees of the authority develop positive psychological resources that generally affect the work of the authority and job performance of employees that the work team should enjoy, through their ability to influence their colleagues and their interactions towards completing tasks they perform.