University of Kerbala Discussing a Scientific Study entitled “the foundations of security in the Islamic State”

The Faculty of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis entitled “the foundations of security in the Islamic State until the year (11 AH)”
The thesis, presented by the M.A. student Muhammad Sabah Nimah Al-Haffar aims at highlighting the importance of security work is one of the security in the Islam. It also indicates that security is one of the necessities of the Islamic community, and that a sense of security is the goal. Once losing security, anxiety, tension, fear, strike and panic will end of life and chaos will be everywhere. .
The thesis emphasizes that the Noble Qur’an and the Prophet’s biography are the primary reference of security work. Islam takes care of security through planning in peace and war to protect the Islamic society.