University of Kerbala Discussing a Study entitled Multicultural Marketing and its Role in Modeling Customer’s Behaviour

Faculty of administration and Economics / University of Kerbala has discussed the Ph.d. dissertation which is entitled (multicultural marketing and its role in modeling customer’s behaviour to determine proactive orientation: An analytical study of opinions of a sample of workers in Sayed al-Wasiya City for visitors in the holy governorate of Karbala)..
The study, presented by Yasmine Qasim Bidah, aims at achieving the main objective of clarifying the nature of relationship between independent variable (multicultural marketing) with dependent variable (proactive orientation), and its relationship to mediating variable (modeling customer’s behaviour).
The study concludes that modeling customer’s behaviour completely mediates relationship between multicultural marketing and proactive orientation, and this means that multicultural marketing transfers its effect completely through modeling customer’s behaviour to proactive orientation.
The study recommends the necessity of adopting management of Sayyid Al-Usiya City to participate in its various dealings with workers of different cultures, and this is achieved through complete conviction in behaviours of participation and cooperation and knowledge of different cultures and ways of deal with them.