University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis entitled “The Effect of Internal and External Determinants on Stock Performance Using Logistic Regression Model”

Faculty of Administration and Economics /University of Kerbala had discussed the M.A. thesis which is entitled (The effect of internal and external determinants on the performance of stocks using logistic regression model). It is presented by Mays Imad Kadhim Al-Obeidi.
The thesis aims at knowing a number of determinants that have a direct impact on performance of shares, by identifying the ratios that affect significantly performance of the share in Iraq Stock Exchange.
The study deals with the use of the binary logistic regression model, which is an advanced input in field of data analysis to predict stock performance of the companies listed in Iraq Stock Exchange.
The thesis shows that logistical models are able to evaluate the performance of shares in Iraq Stock Exchange on the basis of return per share as a dependent variable.

The thesis recommends the Iraqi investor needs to monitor situation and direction of the market in terms of whether it is an upward or downward market, and develop plans for each direction, since this condition will change many determinants of stock performance and in terms of the prevailing trend. It is noticeable that the market took an upward trend during the spread of the epidemic, specifically period 2020 – 2021, which is within the scope of the study sample.