A Lecturer from University of Kerbala Publishes in an International Iraqi Journal within Scopus and Clarivate Classification

Prof. Dr.Nargees Hadi Mansour / Faculty of Science / University of Kerbala has published a research in an international Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Sciences within Clarivate and Scopus Q2 classification .
The researcher says that her research deals with a simple, cost-effective and environment-friendly development method for making green nanoparticles, with the aim of using the extract of leaves of the yarrow plant in biosynthesis of copper nanoparticles. It emphasises color change and UV visible spectrophotometer as well as using different techniques to characterize copper nanoparticles and testing the prepared copper nanoparticles in this study as antioxidants and their catalytic activity.
It displays that copper nanoparticles have the activity to scavenge free radicals when compared to an extract from the leaves of the lily plant, so the results show that copper nanoparticles have a better catalytic activity than the extract at high concentrations of BH.