University of Kerbala Organizing a an Electronic Scientific Symposium on the Aesthetic Education of Muslim women

Faculty of Science / University of Kerbala, in cooperation with Women Empowerment Unit, have organized a scientific symposium on the aesthetic education of Muslim women, with participation of a number of researchers and specialists.
The symposium aims at identifying the concept of aesthetic education, and its importance in Muslim women’s life, as well as clarifying the dimensions of aesthetic education in Holy Qur’an.
The symposium dhoweals with how to apply these dimensions in Holy Qur’an through educational institutions and fields of aesthetic education of Muslim women in Holy Qur’an. It also stresses the role of educational media in adopting the aesthetic education of Muslim women in Holy Qur’an, the role of family, school, and large number of Qur’anic verses that emphasize the inner beauty compared to the apparent one.
The lecturers recommend the importance of educating women to be proud of their religion and belief, as well as that women work to perfect their family role to the fullest and that a good teacher be fully prepared to be able to play her leading role to raise awaremess of this issue.