University of Kerbala Discussing Phenomenon of Expatriate Workers in Iraq

Strategic Studies Center / University of Kerbala has held a seminar which is entitled” phenomenon of expatriate workers in Iraq: causes, effects and treatments) with the presence of researchers and specialists in economic and social affairs.
The Director of the Center, Dr. Ahmed Al-Yasari, says that the phenomenon of expatriate labour has started to increase dangerously in recent years, with the arrival of expatriates from different countries, and they took control of a high percentage of professions and businesses, which clearly affected the job opportunities available to the citizens of the country. This matter requires great care and seriousness by the authorities in the regulation of this phenomenon and applying of laws and legislation on expatriates and the organization of their procedures to ensure the preservation of economic stability of the country.
Dr. Firas Hussain Ali presents his paper which is entitled: (Foreign labour and its role in local economy), in which he has a detailed presentation of the official statistics that have been recorded on expatriate labour each year from 2003 until the present.
The second paper has been presented by Dr. Hamad Jassim Muhammad, which is entitled: (Expatriate Workers, Effects and Treatments), in which he explains the negative consequences on Iraqi economy locally and internationally, and he stresses the ways to address them linked to application of legislation and laws.