University of Kerbala, in cooperation with Ministry of Youth and Sports, Holding a Symposium on Reality of University Sports and Ways to improve it

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences /University of Kerbala, in cooperation with Department of Studies and Development of Youth Staffs and Leaders / National Observatory Department of Ministry of Youth and Sports, has held a seminar on reality of university sports and ways to develop them, and in presence of a number of professors and students.
The symposium aims at introducing the importance of practicing sports activity for students in universities, the role of sports in refining and preparing the university student and keeping him away from study routine, the importance of physical activity in body health and physical fitness, and obstacles to students’ reluctance to participate in sports activities and events, restoring psychological state and reducing divorce and family disintegration cases.
The symposium recommends the need to solve problems related to university sports by providing all the necessary capabilities that create a university sports atmosphere full of activity, vitality and creativity.