University of Kerbala Organizing a Workshop on Bullying

Under the patronage of President of University of Kerbala, Prof. Dr. Basim Khalil Al-Saedi, – Presidency of the University and Faculty of Islamic Sciences have held a workshop entitled (Bullying, Causes and Remedies).
The workshop, which has been presented by Asst. Prof .Dr. Hanan Mansour and Lect. Esraa Mahdi, deals with several axes related to definition of bullying, its types and causes, in addition to the practical aspect of presenting some cases that individuals have gone through and presenting some solutions and ways of how the student can confront such cases.
The workshop concludes which states supporting the parents of the bullied person, embracing him, and not dealing with him harshly, with the need to educate all members of society, children, teachers, parents and students about the nature of bullying, to enhance the bully’s self-confidence, and his ability to restore his mental and moral health.