University of Kerbala Organizing a Workshop on Entrepreneurship

Rehabilitation and Employment Division / Presidency of University of Kerbala has organized a workshop on entrepreneurship with the participation of Directors of Rehabilitation and Employment Division in the University’s faculties and more than 150 male and female students.
The workshop deals with topics of employment in general through design thinking, working in the market and customer segments, work projects and their development, establishing flexible companies, types of flexible emerging companies, managing small projects, sales and marketing, in addition to costs and revenues, financial planning and management of business project.
The workshop focuses on development of small and medium projects that graduates from institutes and colleges can carry out, work development or movement of capital and the economy in the Iraqi environment in general, in a manner that reflects an appropriate culture that matches the data in the Iraqi arena. The German development giz, in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, is known as the tot competition and will be announced later.
Vice president of the university for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Najm Abdul-Hussein Najm, says that University of Kerbala has agreed with the General Directorate of Industrial Development in Ministry of Industry to support industrial projects for its graduate students on building licence and to allocate a plot of land to establish the project after submitting a feasibility study of the projects in a manner that provides multiple job opportunities.